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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Costs: Guide to Options & Costs

We all have things we would like to change about our appearance, and as our teeth tend to be one of the biggest causes of self-doubt, there’s no surprise why so many patients look into improving them.

However, for many, the cost of cosmetic dentistry can be seen as an obstacle – but it does not need to be. 

There are lots of affordable cosmetic treatments available today, and for some of the bigger surgeries, there are particular options to help patients spread the cost.

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Our most requested cosmetic dentistry procedures

What’s involved in the cost

Improvements in dental technology have meant many patients are now able to shop around for the most affordable cosmetic procedures.

But be wary of too good to be true, cheap prices.

Low prices for cosmetic procedures like veneers might indicate the quality of the veneer may be compromised – this is where we often see many patients being fitted with crowns rather than veneers.

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The costs of cosmetic dentistry can vary for a number of reasons, first and most obviously, it depends on the treatment you require.

Secondly, it will depend on the duration and how complex the treatment is, this can include repeat visits to the dentist, which will contribute to a higher cost.

Lastly, it’s all about the dentist! You are paying for expert and experienced hands, who have crafted hundreds, if not thousands of smiles. 

Keeping up to date with the latest improvements to treatments means consistent and ongoing training, which means you will be paying for the best.

We often try to warn our patients that because cosmetic dentistry is not a specialist field of dentistry, any dentist can claim they are a cosmetic dentist.

Make sure to check reviews, credentials and GDC registration details. 

Top cosmetic dentists

There’s a reason why celebrities spend thousands and thousands of pounds on their teeth because they chose the best dentists, who they can trust with their smiles.

Here, at The Bespoke Smile, we have spent years and years honing our craft in order to achieve natural-looking results. 

Having treated many celebrities, our leading dentist, Dr Sam Jethwa (GDC 229989), for example, uses ultrathin porcelain veneers to create a subtle, but perfect smile. 

Breakdown and guide to cosmetic dentistry fees

  • Implant fixture from £1,500
  • Implant crown or bridge from £1,500
  • Invisalign from £2,500
  • Porcelain white crowns and veneers from £1200-1500
  • Home whitening single arch from £270
  • Home whitening upper and lower teeth from £375
  • Cosmetic contouring from £350

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Gum Treatments:

  • Laser gum lift from £525
  • Specialist crown lengthening from £1000
  • Gum grafting from £450
  • Gum depigmentation from £500

See our full list of prices here.

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