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Dental Implants OX1

Last medically reviewed by : August 24, 2021

Hiding your smile because of chips, discolouration or misalignment can have overall negative impacts on your confidence.

Affordable Dental Implants

We are highly rated in Oxfordshire as one of the most reputable corrective providers of implants in the south-east. 

Recognised as restorative specialists, our implant consultations are often in high demand due to our skill, expertise and knowledge. 

For example, Dr Gurs Sehmi is our advanced implant dentist, who has placed hundreds and hundreds of implants. 

“Great place and extremely knowledgable staff. I have been there at weekends too which is such a bonus! The best dental practice I have been to.” – Rik S, Headington

We always go the extra mile to enhance the underlying oral structure to keep our patient’s mouths healthier for longer as well as achieving outstanding aesthetic results.

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How do they work?

Implant treatments include single implants, multiple implants and All-on-Four/All-on-Six (teeth in a day).

Crowns or dentures are supported by an implant, which is embedded into the jaw bone and acts as a powerful artificial tooth root.

This means that the implant will operate and function just like natural teeth!

Once it has been placed the surrounding bone will then fuse to it, keeping the implant securely in place.

After the period of osseointegration (where the implant heals and fuses over a few months), a false crown (tooth or denture) will then be fitted to the abutment, which will be made to blend flawlessly with existing teeth.

replace gaps in the mouthafter implantation

See more before and afters here.

Consultations are a necessary step for implant fittings because not every patient is a suitable candidate.

Having them installed will depend on your oral condition, for example, the health of your teeth, bone and gums will be assessed.

Patients who may require additional treatments include:

  • Smokers
  • Diabetics
  • Sufferers from gum or periodontal disease

Each patient case varies so reviewing your options with an expert implantologist will be essential.

Dr Pano can advise you on everything you need to know prior to treatment as he specialises in gum treatments which make unfit mouths healthy enough for placements.

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The procedure 

Sedation is only recommended for patients who have sensitive teeth or have a fear of the dentist. 

The entire implant procedure will be carried out in our implant clinic in Marlow under local anaesthetic. 

Many patients express it to be pain-free and straightforward, with only some mild discomfort around the gums afterwards.

Surgery steps:

  1. Placing the implant
  2. Attaching the abutment
  3. Fitting the crown

Why do so many patients get dental implants?

award-winning dentists and dental practiceDental implants are a dedicated system to replace.

broken, lost or rotten teeth and are often a preferred to other restorative treatments like bridgework or dentures.

Dental implants can hugely impact your life as they reinstate healthy oral functions and enhance aesthetics.

How much do implants cost?

This can depend on the system you choose and if any extra treatments are required to make the implantation a success.

  • Implant Fixture from £1500
  • Implant Crown or bridge from £1500
  • Available on 0% finance

Visit our fee page.


Implants help patients heighten their self-esteem as well as solving any speech or chewing difficulties.

More benefits include:

  • Stable, reliable and secure
  • Mimic natural teeth
  • A comfortable alternative to dentures
  • Custom-made to accommodate your mouth
  • Durable and long-lasting

Directions to our clinic from Oxford

We are happy to accept both new and existing patients from Watford (OX1) to undergo the dental implant procedure.

Patients residing in nearby areas like Wheatley, Didcot and Wallingford are also welcome.

Driving to our practice in Marlow via the M40 and A329 will typically take you half an hour, free parking is available for patients.

Also accessible by train, we are a short walk from the train station for patients accessing our services via public transport. Trains to Spittal Street can take over an hour.

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