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Dental Implants SL0

Last medically reviewed by : August 24, 2021

If you have made the commitment to get veneers, it is understandable you will want to keep them in the best possible.

Dental Implants: The Procedure & How They Work

The Bespoke Smile based in Berkshire has been repairing and replacing smiles for hundreds of patients in Slough for years and years.

Highly recognised as cosmetic and restorative experts in the dental industry, we are often highly requested and trusted for our skills and techniques.

For example, Dr Sam Jethwa, owner and leader of the Bespoke Smile is the go-to recommendation for restoring smiles. Working closely with Dr Gurs Sehmi, who has placed hundreds of implants throughout his career has meant the clinic has become the first choice for many local residents in Marlow. 

Fantastic dental clinic! The staff were very professional, friendly and knowledgeable and the clinic clean and modern. Definitely recommend. Thanks, Bespoke Smile – Sunjiv S, Upton

We help patients with missing teeth feel happy with once again with their smiles as well as strengthening the underlying oral foundation to keep their mouths healthier for longer.

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Why you should get implants

Implant treatments include single implants, multiple implants and All-on-Four/All-on-Six (teeth in a day).

Dental implants are designed to replace broken, lost or rotten teeth and are often a preferred choice for patients who wish to pass on alternative treatments like bridgework or dentures.

Dental implants have the power to drastically change your life, restore oral functions and enhance your appearance.

Many patients in Slough choose them because:

  • They are permanent and long-lasting
  • Strong and durable
  • Mimic natural teeth
  • Restores speech and chewing difficulty
  • Much more comfortable option to dentures
  • Promote good oral health

There are some negative consequences of not rebuilding your oral structure and foundation when losing a tooth.

Impacting other surrounding teeth that have to take on the pressure, tooth loss often results in patients losing essential bone structure in their jaw, which can lead to further tooth loss.

Implant surgery procedure

award-winning dentists and dental practiceUnlike teeth in a day, the dental implant process does not happen overnight. Occurring only over a few months, there are three necessary stages that every patient will be required to go through.

These include:

  • Additional or pre-surgical treatments
  • The implant placement surgery
  • Osseointegration & recovery process                  

What to expect

Sedation is only necessary for patients who are very sensitive or nervous. The overall implant procedure is carried out in our dental offices under local anaesthetic. Many patients report it to be painless with only some mild discomfort around the gums afterwards.

Surgery steps:

  1. Placing the implant
  2. Attaching the abutment
  3. Fitting the crown

After surgery

During your implant recovery process, you may experience slight swelling or bruising. This is completely normal and can be relieved by over the counter medications.

The discomfort should not last long and patients are permitted to return to work the day after.

Taking care of your implant for life will involve no specialised care. All you will need to do is care for it as you would your normal, regular teeth with regular brushing, flossing and routine check-ups.

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Directions from Slough to our implant clinic

We are happy to accept both new and existing patients from Slough (SL0 postcodes) to undergo the dental implant procedure.

Patients residing in nearby areas like Eton, Windsor and Stoke Green are also welcome.

Driving to our practice in Marlow using the M4 or A404 will typically take you 30-minutes, free parking is available for patients.

Also accessible by train, we are a short walk from Marlow train station for patients accessing our services via public transport. Trains from Slough usually take around an hour.

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