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Last medically reviewed by : August 24, 2021

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Dental Implants – We Treat People Not Teeth

Dr Sam Jethwa, founder and director of the Bespoke Smile implant clinic restores and develops hundreds of patient smiles a year. Trusted widely in both the cosmetic and restorative dental fields, Dr Sam is a multi-award-winning dentist, who is the go-to dentist in Berkshire. With a team of qualified and experienced doctors working in the practice, the Bespoke Smile is well-known for their astounding corrective results in restorative dentistry. So, if you are experiencing gaps in your mouth caused by missing teeth, you can trust the Bespoke Smile to repair and renew your smile. Book a consultation

What are implants?

Implant treatments include single implants, multiple implants and All-on-Four/All-on-Six (teeth in a day). They are a permanent, stable solution to replace individual or multiple missing teeth either in one sitting (teeth in a day) or over a few months. An accomplished corrective dentist will implant them accurately into your jawbone, which will require a healthy amount of jaw bone. This will be assessed during your consultation. However, it’s often the case that those who have had missing teeth for a long period or have been wearing dentures usually lose crucial bone structure. This is a consequence of untreated and ignored gaps, which will require a bone graft or regeneration surgery to reverse. This will be an essential step in ensuring the implant placement will be stable and reliable. Alternative techniques in restorative dentistry to reconstruct missing teeth include full or partial dentures and bridges, which use artificial teeth that fix on to either side of original teeth. Although, we have noticed that the implant treatment has become a patient’s first choice as alternative procedures like bridges can sometimes involve the cutting of the existing tooth. Learn more.

How do they work?

Supporting crowns or dentures, an implant is embedded into the jawbone, which acts as a powerful artificial tooth root. Once it has been implanted the surrounding bone will then weld to it, keeping the implant safely in place. After the period of osseointegration (where the implant recovers and fuses over a few months), a false crown (tooth or denture) will then be applied to the abutment, which will be made to blend perfectly with existing teeth. full mouth reconstruction beforedental implants after Consultations are a vital step for implant installations because not every patient is a suitable candidate. Having them placed will depend on your oral state, for example, the health of your teeth and gums. Candidates who need more attention include:
  • Smokers
  • Diabetics
  • Sufferers from gum or periodontal disease
Each circumstance is different so reviewing your options with an expert implantologist will be important. Dr Pano can advise you on everything you need to know prior to treatment as he specialises in gum treatments which make unfit mouths healthy enough for placements. Book a consultation

Comfortable procedures

Your dental implant will normally be placed over two separate appointments unless opting for the teeth in a day procedure. The first appointment will attach the implant into your jaw and then a few months later, the second appointment will include the new tooth being fastened. The surgery will be carried at our dental surgery under local anaesthesia. Patients report light discomfort with some slight soreness around the gum region, which will pass after a few days. Uneasy patients can be given sedatives to help them relax and continue with the surgery Advantages One of the major reasons why so many patients undergo implant treatment is because they feel conscious of their smiles or wish to replace old dentures. Implants help patients heighten their self-esteem as well as recovering any speech or chewing difficulties. More advantages include:
  • Flawlessly stable
  • Looks exactly like a natural tooth
  • More comfortable
  • Custom-made to accommodate your mouth
  • Durable and longlasting

Cost of implants

This can depend on the kind you choose and if any extra treatments are required to make the implantation a success.
  • Implant Fixture from £1500
  • Implant Crown or bridge from £1500
  • Available on 0% finance
View our fees here.

Directions from High Wycombe to our implant clinic

We are happy to accept both new and existing patients from High Wycombe (HP10 postcodes) to undergo the dental implant procedure. Patients residing in nearby areas like Little Marlow, Bisham and Handy Cross are also welcome. Driving to our practice in Marlow via the A404 or Marlow Hill/Wycombe Road will typically take you 13-minutes, free parking is available for patients. Also accessible by train, we are a short walk from Marlow train station for patients accessing our services via public transport. Book a consultation