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Last medically reviewed by : August 23, 2021

If you have made the commitment to get veneers, it is understandable you will want to keep them in the best possible.

Dental Veneers Oxford, Oxfordshire Cosmetic Dentists

We are highly recognised in the Oxford area as one of the best cosmetic providers of veneers in the area.

Here at the Bespoke Smile, the veneers we offer are hand-designed and crafted to suit your face shape.

Renowned cosmetic dentist, like Dr Sam Jethwa, has a special interest in veneers and custom designs the porcelain shells to suit your aesthetic expectations.

As a leading, award-winning dentist, Dr Sam and his team of master ceramists have placed over 4,000 veneer applications and have achieved some astounding results.

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Widely acclaimed and recognised in the cosmetic dentistry world, he is considered one of the best.

We accommodate patients from across Oxfordshire and Berkshire, including areas like Oxford (OX1), Wheatley, Didcot and Wallingford.

What oral conditions do veneers fix?

Whenever there is a cosmetic issue with the teeth, veneers are often the go-to procedure to enhance the overall look of the mouth.

Patients often prefer faster treatments like veneers over alternative orthodontic treatments like cosmetic braces.

Veneers rectify:

How are veneers applied?

crooked teeth problems affect your confidencestraighter, aligned smile with veneers

After your initial assessment with an expert veneer dentist, they will be able to identify if veneers are the best option to treat your oral condition.

The amount of tooth preparation will depend on the type of material/brand you choose.

Popular veneers brands like Ultrathin and Lumineers require no drilling, shaving or a lot of tooth preparation.

In some cases, certain types of veneer materials can require slight shaving of tooth enamel, but this will not change the size or shape of the tooth.

98.6% of all our patients leave our clinic feeling happy and elated.

Many of our patients report that the procedure is often painless, seamless, fast and effective.

Various veneer brands and types:

  • Lumineers (0.3mm): Paper-thin laminate veneers that are thinner than conventional porcelain and more translucent.
  • Ultra-Thin (0.2 and 0.4mm): Wafer-thin veneers that require little to no preparation of the teeth.
  • Emax Veneers (0.3mm): Very strong, durable porcelain veneers that are applied to the surface of the tooth.
  • Laminate Veneers: Porcelain laminate veneers that use a thin layer of ceramic that is chemically bonded to the surface of the tooth.
  • Composite Veneers: Also known as composite bonding, these veneers use a thin layer of resin that’s applied directly to the teeth.

The price of veneers is entirely dependant on the material you choose or any additional procedures required to make the treatment a success.

The cost of our porcelain white crowns starts from £850. See more.

Aftercare: Looking after your veneers

Veneers do not need any specialised aftercare.

Maintaining your new set of veneers is just the same as caring for your natural teeth.

This means you will be required to keep up with your usual oral hygiene routine, like flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day.

Porcelain veneers are highly resilient as they do not decay or stain, but they will still need everyday attention.

After the procedure, your gums may feel slightly sore, but this is normal and will disappear after a few days.

Why veneers?

  • Increases confidence and self-esteem
  • Drastically enhances the look and texture of teeth
  • Does not need any further shaping, drilling or shaving
  • No special aftercare steps
  • Difficult to notice the difference between natural teeth and the veneer
  • Choose your desired shade of white
  • Available on 0% finance.

Directions to our practice from Oxford

Our cosmetic surgery is located within a 30-minute drive from Oxford via the M40 and A329.

We are also a short walk from Marlow train station for patients accessing our clinic via public transport. Trains to Spittal Street can take over an hour.

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